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The mission of Aspire Community Theatre (ACT) of Coeur d’Alene is to enrich, entertain and educate our community through exceptional live theater which inspires the imagination and provokes contemplation of truth. Our goal is to honor, reflect and collaborate with the greater community we serve, creating leaders for the future, as we form partnerships today.

Aspire Community Theatre

For the next generation of characters

About Us, Aspire Community Theatre


• Theater is a gift - for both the audience and artists. At ACT we strive to enrich the lives of not only the artists involved in each production, but each community member exposed.
• We are a non-profit organization with experienced theatrical artists at the helm, supported by knowledgeable community leaders, determined to operate with fiscal responsibility and transparency. About Us, Aspire Community Theatre


• By creating experiences that stimulate cultural and social interaction, ACT will not only develop artists, but theater enthusiasts through education and exposure.
• Taking art OUT into the community is one of our foundational goals, working with a wide-variety of ages and groups, to bring theater alive. About Us, Aspire Community Theatre


• ACT is conservatory theatre - meaning instruction in theatre art will be given in the midst of productions. Students will learn as part of the production, working one-on-one or within small groups with talented directors, choreographers, musicians.
• ACT students will be involved in ALL aspects of the production (including costumes, sets, sound, lights, direction, stage management, etc.), not solely performing on-stage. We endeavor to build well-rounded actors who have a broad knowledge of all aspects of theatre production. About Us, Aspire Community Theatre